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The main goal of the CHEER project is to provide equal opportunities for young people who are weakened by mental health problems. These problems result from both civilization changes and the COVID-19 crisis. What is also very important for us is to improve the well-being of young people, their mental, physical and social condition.

CHEER’s innovation is based on a combination of two areas: health and creativity. In fact, there is a direct translation of mental health and creative thinking. This synergy is the starting point for the creation of a set of innovative educational tools, the further innovations include:

Cheer Cards, which will be a mosaic of various activities and tasks that can be used selectively. That creatively helps to achieve the mental well-being.
Designing many interactive, innovative activities in the online space and live, which will reach young audiences.
Preparation of many variants of training and meetings
Development of the podcast supporting the work of educators and taking into account their mental condition, needs and problems.
The innovation of the project is also based on the inclusion of partners is fields such as sport, health, art and psychology. Such a team will create results for the multifaceted support and development of young people experiencing stress and loneliness in the new reality.

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